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SHDSF2013 Expenses

Page history last edited by Ariel Waldman 9 years, 3 months ago

Science Hack Day San Francisco 2013

Public listing of sponsorship money received and what it was spent on.


Total sponsorship money received for 2013: $15,000

Total sponsorship money spent for 2013: $15,000


Sponsors: California Academy of Sciences, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Elsevier & Mendeley, Github, Instructables, Boing Boing, Microryza, Science Exchange, swissnex San Francisco, KQED, Mighty Leaf, Ritual Roasters.


Breakdown of sponsorship spending:


What  Cost 
PayPal fees for accepting sponsorship funds  $116.60 
Science Medals for awards  $194.11 
Science Hack Day stickers $487.56 
Miscellaneous office supplies/needs (lanyards, name badges, earplugs, boxes, paper, markers, tape, mailing, etc.)  $907.67
Rental of Walkie Talkies $200.00
Transport costs for delivering supplies  $35.00
Hot water dispensers for tea & a coffee urn $239.19
Food via Panera/Sausage Factory/Safeway (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, dinner, snacks, soda) $7459.13
Refreshments via Cal Academy (coffee, hot water, OJ) $3698.18
Cal Academy Parking Garage $1035.99
Labcoats $111.35
Science Hack Day volunteer t-shirts $400.80
Science Hack Day afterparty refreshments/snacks $114.42
Total Spent: $15,000.00



View Science Hack Day San Francisco expenses for: 2012, 2011, 2010.



Comments (2)

qubodup said

at 4:42 pm on Dec 10, 2013

Can somebody please add the probability of such a nice and round number actually being the end result of the sum of all money spent? :)

Ariel Waldman said

at 4:54 pm on Dec 10, 2013

We got as close as we could to the total amount with all of our necessary expenses and then spent the remaining $114.42 on the afterparty expenses in addition to the co-organizers chipping in some of their own money to cover anything over the $114.42.

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