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Demoed hacks from Science Hack Day Berlin 2013

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Demoed hacks from Science Hack Day Berlin 2013


1. Giant Atom Scanner (GAS)

2. Super short short distance vehicle

3. Spit lamp DESIGN AWARD

4. Wearable LEDs with sensors

5. Pineapple cake

6. Windy Globe - A 3D jetstream representation SCIENCE AWARD

7. Scanning tunnelling microscope data visualization

8. Digital Rocket

9. Airbone microMAV sensor network EXCEPTIONALLY HARD HACK AWARD

10. Evolution of monsters AUDIENCE AWARD

11. Ivory tower BEST IN SHOW AWARD

12. Gourmeduino

13. Angry Cat Hat



1. Giant Atoms Scanner (GAS)

Creators: Jesús Martínez-Blanco, Hendrik Mohrmann, Juan García Basilio



Macroscopic model of a Scanning Tunnelling Microscope (STM) for demonstration, educational and ludic purposes. Using the working principle of a real STM, we simulate the Quantum Tunnelling Effect with detection of light emitted by LEDs and reflected on giant atoms (christmas balls).


APIs, data and tools used: Scanner from a 3D printer. Christmas balls as atoms. Arduino for computer control. LEDs and photoresistor for detection of the atomic model.

Screenshots, photos and videos: 



Source code and links: to come soon

Hack URL: to come soon



2. Urban Mobility with SuperShortDistance Vehicles

Creators: Peter Westerhoff, Vito Caiata



Design a super portable device for „The last mile“, to go from home to the metro, from the metro to the office


APIs, data and tools used: Brushless motor, Controller, LiPo Battery, 3D Printer

Screenshots, photos and videos: N/A

Source code and links: N/A

Hack URL: N/A



3. Spit lamp

Creators: André Lampe, Lucy Patterson, Marc Hahn, Serena Schimd, Nuria Cerdá-Esteban


A simple laser pointer projection microscope, using a water drop as a combined sample-holder and lens, made into a nice tasteful lamp.

APIs, data and tools used: green laser pointer, construction materials (wire, card, paper, glue, elastic bands, bluetack etc), spit 

Screenshots, photos and videos: https://pic.twitter.com/1Mn1NAfkBK, https://vine.co/v/htddJuOXgeA 

Source code and links: n/a

Hack URL: Planning to make a little instructable with better pictures... 



4. Wearable LEDs with sensors

Creators: Stefan Hintz @trafopop, Finn Pauls @finnpauls


The colors of LEDs in a jacket or bicycle helmet are controlled via motion sensors.

APIs, data and tools used: A Hat, RGB LEDs with build-in WS2801 chip, Arduino Nano, Move Motion Controller, Mac, Arduino IDE, SPI Library, Processing, PS Move API Package.

Screenshots, photos and videos:http://www.flickr.com/photos/stefan_hintz/ - https://vimeo.com/stefanhintz/videos

Source code and links: http://arduino.cc - https://processing.org - http://thp.io/2010/psmove/

Hack URL: Will be published at: http://hintz.rockt.es



5. Brain reader game

Creators: Pineapplecake team


Bust your opponent with the force of your mind.

APIs, data and tools used:  Arduino, Processing, Brain reader.

Screenshots, photos and videos: https://twitter.com/PineappleCakeDS

Source code and links: N/A

Hack URL: https://twitter.com/PineappleCakeDS



6. Windy Globe -  A 3D Jetstream Representation

Creators: Ellen König, Mario Schröder, Norman Köhring, Kai Kornhuber, Dim Coumou


We take a 3D earth model and add the meridional velocity of the Jetstream of daily weather data as height on the respective coordinates. We obtain a nice intuitive representation of the jet stream, which can also be 3D printed.

APIs, data and tools used: java, R

Screenshots, photos and videos: N/A

Source code and links: https://github.com/JetStreams/lab

Hack URL: yet to be done..



7. Scanning tunnelling microscope data visualization

Creators: Abe Pazos


Experiments in visualizing scanning tunnelling microscope data

APIs, data and tools used: Processing (an IDE + a language based on Java, often used by artists), data from the paper “Ge(001) As a Template for Long-Range Assembly of π-Stacked Coronene Rows”. The data consists of square (512x512) elevation maps of different surfaces.

Screenshots, photos and videos: resulting images

Source code and links: https://github.com/hamoid/Fun-Programming/tree/master/processing/ideas/2013/11/stm

Hack URL: N/A 



8. Digital Rocket

Creators: Adrian Partl, Jochen Klar


Interactive Visualization of our cosmic Neighborhood

APIs, data and tools used: d3 JavaScript visualization library, 


 Stars: Data of the Hipparcos Satellite
 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hipparcos
 - http://www.rssd.esa.int/index.php?project=HIPPARCOS

Screenshots, photos and videos: https://escience.aip.de/digital-rocket/

Source code and links: https://github.com/jochenklar/digital-rocket

Hack URL: https://escience.aip.de/digital-rocket



9. Airbone microMAV sensor network

Creators: Stephan Wieschebrink


Use Arduino pro minis along with tiny RFM22B transceiver units to both control swarms of micro aerial vehicles and retreive sensor readings from each of them using a dynamic ad-hoc p2p networking protocol.

APIs, data and tools used: MAVLink (github.com/alaney/arduino-mavlink)

Screenshots, photos and videos: <none yet>

Source code and links: <none yet>

Hack URL: <none yet>


10. Evolution of monsters

Creators: Esther Masemann, Axel


How can we look at evolutionary processes by using monsters? Can we use crowd intelligence to create awesome monsters?

APIs, data and tools used: N/A

Screenshots, photos and videos: N/A

Source code and links: N/A

Hack URL: N/A



11. Ivory tower

Creators: Beren Ata, ...


Science career game to experience real science challenge

APIs, data and tools used: kappa, office tools, 3D printed brains

Screenshots, photos and videos: N/A

Source code and links: N/A

Hack URL: N/A


12. Gourmeduino

Creators: Anna Rose, ...


APIs, data and tools used: A ricecooker, temperature sensor and an Arduino Uno

Screenshots, photos and videos: N/A

Source code and links: N/A

Hack URL:  N/A 


13. Angry Cat Hat

Creators: Iwan Gabovitch @qubodup


Description: In urban life, the only people able to get vocal relief through screaming appear to be drunk assholes at night. ANGRY CAT HAT creates an instant space for private stress-relieving scream time and contributes to a database of scream audio recordings for analysis by sound designers and psychologists.

APIs, data and tools used: Raspberry Pi, Wi-Fi, SSH, USB Microphone

Screenshots, photos and videos: Photos, Video

Source code and links: N/A

Hack URL: http://qubodup.net/cathat/


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