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SHDSF2012 Expenses

Page history last edited by Ariel Waldman 8 years, 2 months ago

Science Hack Day San Francisco 2012

Public listing of sponsorship money received and what it was spent on.


Total sponsorship money received for 2012: $7171.24

Total sponsorship money spent for 2012: $7171.24 + a $77.81 overage paid for by Ariel Waldman


Sponsors: Hot Studio, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Github, Institute For The Future, Mendeley, swissnex San Francisco, PLOS and Carol Mayer Marshall.


Breakdown of sponsorship spending:


What  Cost 
PayPal fees for accepting sponsorship funds  $87.90 
Science Medals for awards  $131.59 
Rental of 125 chairs & an ice chest  $542.50 
Miscellaneous office supplies/needs (paper, markers, tape, mailing, etc.)  $160.09 
AV Rental of Video Switcher, Screen & Mics for demos  $406.88 
Transport costs for delivering supplies  $90.78 
Hot water dispenser for tea, etc. $60.35
Food (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinner, snacks, refreshments) $5530.66
Labcoats $238.30
Total Spent: $7249.05


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