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Creators: Alexander Nordlund @bordslampa


I kept on reading hardware as herdware so I decided to make it into reality.

APIs, data and tools used:

Screenshots, photos and videos: http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/3252/apiphoto3e3d09d2b7e34b0.jpg

Source code and links:

Hack URL: http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/3252/apiphoto3e3d09d2b7e34b0.jpg


Creators: Alan Rice Wesley O' Brien


The purpose of this hack was to create an online tool for students to record how much physical activity they do on a daily or weekly basis. While many of these types online physical activity trackers do exist, there does not appear to be any school based online resources particularly for physical education. This tool is designed to be rolled out in the Irish education system in time.

APIs, data and tools used:

Screenshots, photos and videos:

Source code and links:

Hack URL:

CIYbio (crochet it yourself)

Creators: Tríona (@triploidtree)


I created a number of crochet cells and biomolecules (and documented the patterns for a number of them). The collection consists of a red blood cell, a phagocytosing neutrophil, a lymphocyte, an antibody, a protein with epitopes for the antibody to bind to, and a neuron.

APIs, data and tools used:

Screenshots, photos and videos: http://yfrog.com/ocwj9adj

Source code and links:

Hack URL:

Tog Mobile App

Creators: Sean Nicholls


A cross platform (Android, iOS, .NET/WP7) Mobile app for the Tog hackerspace.

Includes Twitter, PhotoGallery, Hackerspace API, Points of Interest, Feedback form components.

APIs, data and tools used:

Screenshots, photos and videos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/seannicholls/sets/72157629144811758/

Source code and links: full source code on git:


Full code print out of the libraries/components working:


Hack URL: https://github.com/snicholls/Tog-Mobile

Financial Market Sonification

Creators: Daniel Hartnett, Jack Higgins, Arijit Das


Presenting live financial market data in an audio format to alert a trader to different market conditions

APIs, data and tools used:

Screenshots, photos and videos: http://imgur.com/h373m

Source code and links: http://pastebin.com/QJAhCNLz

Hack URL:

tog-mobile Game of Life

Creators: Alexander Nordlund @bordslampa Tried to complement Sean's code.


Conway's Game of Life written in C#.
It's supposed to be part of the tog mobile but iOS / Android UI incompatibilities made that impossible.

APIs, data and tools used:

Screenshots, photos and videos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/organize/?start_tab=sets

Source code and links: https://github.com/deepy/Tog-Mobile

Hack URL: http://www.flickr.com/photos/organize/?start_tab=sets

Open Stats Wiki

Creators: Joseph McCarthy @tetsujin1979 Kevin Sexton @sextonireland James Keane @level71


recording events from a game to be used later in statistical analysis to show, for example, when each pass, shot, booking, etc was made, and the making the data available for public to use, and edit to correct

APIs, data and tools used: Google App Engine - code.google.com/appengine
UI prototype developed in Adobe Creative Suite

Screenshots, photos and videos: https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnx0ZXRzdWppbjE5Nzl8Z3g6NjY0MTQxZTFkOTc0MzA2Yg

Source code and links:

Hack URL: http://irish-international.appspot.com/GameDetails


Creators: Zachary Davison : @guydotbrush Ottis Kelleghan: @cheeriottis


The hack consists of an iPhone app, backend server and database, and chat system, it acts as a standard portable music player that 'scrobbles' (uploads status) of tracks you play to a server along with your location. You can then see people in a certain radius around you who are listening to music, tap on them on the map, and see their last played tracks, and send them a message/chat to them.

Basically, listen to music, and find people who like similar music in spaces around you, and be able to chat to them.

APIs, data and tools used: iOS App:


Macbooks,iPhone, Adobe Photoshop, Xcode,, vim, Textmate.

All our own.

Screenshots, photos and videos: http://imgur.com/a/KCD0v#0

Source code and links: http://socket.io/

Hack URL:


Creators: Ricky Jacob @rickyjacob


IrelandGeoWand is a Location Based Service that takes the position of the user and the digital compass value (thus knows which way is the phone pointing).
It helps users find features like the nearest 3 Pubs, Cafes, ATMs, Bus Stops. But unlike the traditional way Google maps returns results for finding features around you(or the location you mentioned), here it is a more directional query. Thus instead of returning names of features around you within a specified radius, here it depends on the maximum distance the user specifies and the direction in which the user points. Thus standing at a road intersection the user can get information about distance to various features along each of the road the user points towards. The system provides haptic feedback which means that the user does not have to keep staring at the screen waiting for results but instead can casually use the phone as a pointing device while attending to other things like not bumping into other people or obstacles along the way.
Such directional queries help the users who are generally poor with orientation and those who dont want to be burdened by t' number of results the likes of Google maps returns.

Angry Sheeps is a location based service where the user can identify a problem and report it. Eg: Road needing repair, waste dumping on public places, Graffiti on wall, street lamp damage, crimes. This is then visualized on a map interface thus giving authorities a good overview about the locations and the issues that have been spotted by normal citizens as they walk along.

AngrySheeps web interface: An OpenLayers webinterface with OpenStreetMap data via Mapnik providing the map tiles. KML overlays with various icons to represent differnt issues for easy identification of problems and their lcoations.

APIs, data and tools used:

Screenshots, photos and videos:

Source code and links:

Hack URL: http://postgis.cs.nuim.ie/fingal/

Aurora Lamp

Creators: Robert Fitzsimons @PartFusion Connor David Laura and others


As inspired by the Aurora Orrery project on the wiki I under took to create a device that would try and recreate an Aurora on a globe using RGB LEDs.

APIs, data and tools used:

Screenshots, photos and videos:

Source code and links:

Hack URL:

Aurora Orrery

Creators: David Pérez-Suárez Connor Upton Neil Kelly Marisa llorens Colin McSwiggen


The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights are a natural light display in the sky particularly in the high latitude regions, caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere. Because the sun is now entering a more active part of its solar cycle, the next few months and years are expected to see more frequent solar storms. Recent storms have had higher intensity making it possible to see this phenomenon from lower latitudes, even from Ireland.

…viewing the aurora is not that easy. It’s dependent on a number of factors including:
- You need a remote location with little light pollution (get ready for a loooooooong drive)
- Full moons are out
- Dark and cloudy ain’t no good. You need clear skies to see the lights
- We mean solar stormy. If the energy ain’t raining the lights stay off.
So it’s hard to commit to that loooooooooooooong drive

We know what the moon is going to do
It is (somewhat) possible to predict the weather :)
there is predicted data for solar storm activity at least in the short term. ie a few hours

The data is available but not accessible
This data is distributed
The viz is ugly

We’d like to build an Aurora Map that can be used to show when solar storms are intense enough to be seen from Northern Ireland. If we can we’d like to integrate weather and moon data to help me decide whether to travel or not. we’d also like this to be an ambient display in the form of a physical map or globe with integrated lighting so that it’s entertaining.

We had three phases we wanted to complete
1. Get the data into google maps as a series of animated polygons
2. Build a flat map of the arctic with an underlay of LEDs
3. Build a 3D global model with LEDs

What we actually go completed was Phase 1. Robert Fitzsimmon's got inspirational from us to put together an LED display and the 3D model was a bit of a fail...

APIs, data and tools used:

Screenshots, photos and videos: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1dezCAHJ5f9VTvHRIqQyZttVpG8HkyVJ7c5HREklwafo/edit

Source code and links: http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/today.html

Hack URL:


Creators: Jeffrey Roe tdr @leictreonaic Paul Mzunguz Liam - Art Work Lots of Help from the NOC team


The hack is to visualize the network usage at the sci hack day. The hack shows the usage and ip address of the most popular site .

APIs, data and tools used:

Screenshots, photos and videos: http://www.redbrick.dcu.ie/~tdr/temp/IMG_20120304_141226.jpg




Source code and links:

Hack URL:

Aurora Model

Creators: Paul Eustace


attempt to create a tool to visualise auroas in three dimensions
charged particles travelling at high speed interact with rarified gas to emit light
The E field modulator worked far better than the B field whose effect wasn't detectable

APIs, data and tools used:

Screenshots, photos and videos:

Source code and links:

Hack URL:

The Elements Trail

Creators: Concept, development @brian9 Icon design @emma_wade


An augmented reality trail based on the Periodic Table of the Elements.

APIs, data and tools used: Layar

Wolfram Alpha


Screenshots, photos and videos: http://cl.ly/0y2z2I0j0R1T2N2W2s2N

Source code and links: Uses video content from The Periodic Table of Videos by video journalist Brady Haran working with chemists at The University of Nottingham.


Hack URL:

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