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SF Interested

Page history last edited by Ariel Waldman 9 years, 6 months ago

Science Hack Day SF > I'm interested!



Regrets (can't attend, would love to stay updated):

  • Ben Acheson @benacheson
  • Matt Wood, @mza
  • Arfon Smith, @arfon
  • Han Wang, @noisyfrog
  • Thomas Dolby, she@blinded.me  
  • Eddie Colbeth, @eatlightbulbs (blogger, ex technologist, artist)
  • Jane McGonigal, @avantgame
  • Matt Biddulph, @mattb
  • Hilary Mason, @hmason
  • Roderick Mann, @jetforme
  • Dario Taraborelli, Mendeley
  • Hilary Mason, @hmason
  • Jason Priem, @jasonpriem (information science phd student)
  • Gever Tulley, Tinkering School, @gever (hacker) (new deadline, catch you next time) 
  • Christian Walker (confirmed attendee, pending schedule)
  • Beth Dean @bethdean (will come if I can find a dog sitter.)  Beth: be sure to register when you know if you can attend so we can mark you as a confirmed attendee - Ariel
  • Brian Glanz @brianglanz from Open Science Foundation @openscience -- will register if/as I can, pending travel
  • Sally Applin, @anthropunk (UX/UED / anthro)
  • Richard Trott (developer)
  • Breck Yunits, @breckyunits (developer)
  • John Wilbanks, Science Commons (entrepreneur)
  • Eric Low, @popcorneaterman (developer)
  • Ivy Deliz, NASA Ames Research Center, @astroivy (developer, scientist + space geek)
  • Cat Aboudara, California Academy of Sciences
  • Peretz Partensky, LangtonLabs, @peretzp (scientist)
  • Humuhumu Trott, @humuhumu (developer + designer)
  • Adam Glickman @aglick35 http://www.facebook.com/aglick35
  • Kathryn Hedges, @khedges (biologist + artist)
  • Jaden (JJ) Hastings (scientist, bench + informatics)
  • Alvin Wang (developer)
  • Justine Lam, @justine_lam (web strategist)
  • Bruce Baikie (technologist) 
  • Andrew Jacobson (neurochemist + software informatics system architect) 
  • Jamal Fanaian, Flickr, @jfanaian (developer)
  • Jason Moore, @casconed (developer/electronics nerd)
  • Michael Schock
  • Helen Liu
  • Leah Culver, @leahculver (developer)
  • Natalie Villalobos, Google, @nataliaenvy (community manager)

Comments (1)

Bala Ramamurthy said

at 10:06 am on Oct 23, 2010

Really interested in attending! Just found out about this

Bala Ramamurthy (http://www.frednet.com/)
Team FREDNET, The Open Space Society

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