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Programming Tools and Frameworks

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  • GLV - (Graphics Library of Views) is a GUI building toolkit written in C++ for Linux, OSX, and Win32. GLV is specially designed for creating interfaces to real-time, multimedia applications using hardware accelerated graphics. GLV has no dependencies on other libraries other than OpenGL which is provided by all modern operating systems.
  • CSL - The CREATE Signal Library (CSL, pron. "sizzle") is a cross-platform general-purpose software framework for sound synthesis and digital audio signal processing. It is implemented as a C++ class library to be used as a stand-alone synthesis server, or embedded as a library into other programs.CSL provides simple and reusable implementations of all common sound synthesis and processing techniques, and includes support for a wide variety of audio I/O interfaces such as PortAudio, RTAudio, JACK, VST, CoreAudio and JUCE.
  • Gamma - Gamma is a cross-platform, C++ library for doing generic synthesis and filtering of numerical data. It is oriented towards real-time sound and graphics rendering, but is equally useful for non-real-time tasks.
  • Polycode - C++ creative coding library, largely graphics/UI oriented
  • OpenFrameworks C++ creative coding library, kind of a Swiss army knife. Largely graphics, sound, and video handling, but has network, Arduino, computer vision, etc. components
  • Libcinder  C++ creative coding library again. Again mostly graphics and video. Windows and Mac only, would love to see a Linux port (nudge, nudge :-)
  • ZeroMQ Message passing and network framework, makes throwing data around reliable and easy.


Computer Vision



  • ROS is ostensibly a robotics sensor and hardware control framework, but it also makes it easy to develop and share modular applications that work on streams of data from, e.g. webcams or biometric devices.


Data Viz


 Data wrangling



  • Open source project hosting and collaboration platform.
  • Hosts projects like IPython and other open source scientific software toolchains.
  • Check out the 2013 Science Hack Day repository, add & create your own project or just sign up and use GitHub on your own.









  • Cosm - Cosm is an integrated collection of externals and abstractions to assist the construction of navigable, sonified virtual worlds using Max/MSP/Jitter. Cosm has been designed to require only minimal changes to existing Max/MSP/Jitter patches to support a number of features valuable in the creation of virtual worlds.
  • LuaAV - LuaAV is an integrated programming environment based upon extensions to the Lua programming language to enable the tight real-time integration of computation, time, sound and space. It is intended to support: Computational Audiovisual Composition, Interactive arts, Multimedia development research, Scientific visualization, Research application development
  • DeviceServer - The DeviceServer is both a framework and application for providing interactive affordances to client applications. It allows applications to easily link functionalities to a wide variety of devices (joysticks, wiimotes, iphones, camera tracking systems). It also allows users to see all devices connected to the server, monitor their signals and record them for future playback.









  • The Voxeo site has some really easy to use tools for people who want to develop telephony applications. The tools are free for developer use.

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