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Who's Coming

Page history last edited by Ariel Waldman 13 years, 3 months ago

Here you can add your name and affiliation (if you'd like) so we know how many people to prepare for.



  • Brian Suda - Is going to try and extend a conference trip to stay for this
  • Samantha Bail - Computer scientist and passionate girl geek.
  • Steve Kennedy - ex techie, interested
  • Neal Hanson - interface developer - have a lot on around then, but will try to make it.
  • Amina - Product designer
  • James Darling
  • Mia Ridge - Science Museum - in theory, my deadlines are over the day before, but I'm not sure I trust the theory (probably Saturday only)
  • Cem Sisman 
  • Carole Petts - Web Apps Developer, mash-up lover
  • Julian Burgess - Ruby developer 
  • Shaun Hare - Web Developer  - PHPist - dabbles in Java/obj C  see above : )
  • Stephen Fernandez - Web Developer 
  • Matt Bee - If I feel up to it I'll pop in... won't add much technically but love science!
  • Alex Speller - Nature Publishing Group
  • Ian McDonald - BBC, but sadly only for Sunday's presentations 



  • Tantek Çelik - sorry to miss this! Sounds like it will be a blast. 
  • Ariel Waldman - Spacehack.org (boo to expensive plane tickets! devising a project to make up for it.)
  • Marrije Schaake - next year, for sure! Hopefully.
  • Artur Cistov - over-enthusiastic JS hacker
  • Mike Peel - too many things to get done this weekend; hopefully next time...
  • Burcu Dogan - Deadlines..., I'm busy, have to cancel my London trip.
  • Tim Acheson
    I'm profoundly gutted that I can't make it this weekend. Science and mash-ups -- two of my favourite things in life! 


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