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Social Networks



  • Spotify
  • Netflix
  • Last.fm ans an API which gives you information on what music members are listening to and have been listening to etc.  







  • Open Context API documentation. Open Context publishes open archaeological data from excavations, surveys, museum collections, lab analyses and government offices (including records of 350K archaeological sites in eastern North America). This is a new version of the Open Context API that now offers GeoJSON(-LD) for mapping and use as Linked Open Data. An Rstats package built on this API is currently in development .



  • Astronomy LookUP from Jodrell Bank 
  • flickr.photos.astro — YQL open table returning feeds of coordinates and names for tagged astronomy photos.
  • starchartjs — Not an API as such. Javascript library for drawing starcharts in <canvas>. Includes bright star catalogue, constellation figures and ephemerides for the planets.
  • starchartjs (SVG) — Javascript library for drawing star charts with Raphaël. Possibly better cross-browser compatibility than the <canvas> version, but slower. Includes bright star catalogue and constellation figures.
  • Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) SkyServer — access spectra and images from the survey.
  • CDS XML Web Services — convert astronomical coordinates via API.
  • SETI Institute Data - they've just announced upcoming APIs for some of their data.
  • NASA Extensions for Google Maps - mostly maps of the Moon and Mars
  • IFTTT Recipes for Outer Space
  • WFCAM - access to the UK Infrared Deep Sky Survey (UKIDSS)
  • Digitized Sky Survey - access the DSS by position on the sky.
  • SkyMorph/NEAT - Repository of Near Earth Asteroid Tracking CCD images
  • WorldWide Telescope Script Reference — Javascript API for embedding Microsoft WorldWide Telescope in web pages. Allows you to programme tours of the sky, embed external images, view other planets. 
  • Zooniverse APIs - We are creating APIs in time for this event, such as Galaxy Zoo and Moon Zoo live classification feeds (see http://www.moonzoo.org/live). Feedback/suggestions welcome email robert.simpson@astro.ox.ac.uk.
  • ...





  • Twitter
  • Tropo - SMS, IM and voice communications API, free for development
  • Twilio - SMS, voice communications API, free for development 


  • Geoloqi - Send users notifications when they enter a certain area


Data Logging

  • Cosm - Cosm connects people to devices, applications, and the Internet of Things.



  • Ensembl has a public MySQL server, a datamart and an API which you can use to query genomes and annotations.
  • JBrowse - portable JavaScript genome browser



  • Global Biodiversity Information Facilityspecies occurrence records, as well as classifications and scientific and common names
  • iNaturalist: API provides a lot of the data GBIF provides, but is generated by a current social network, so records tend to be more recent and come with photos 
  • Biodiversity Heritage Library: sort of like Google Books for old scientific literature. Amazing stuff. 
  • EOL: excellent source of information about species, including classifications, media, maps (but not geodata), traits and attributes, etc. 


Molecular Biology

  • EBI: nucleic acid, protein sequence, and macromolecular structure data


Literature Annotation and Recommendation


Climate & Environment

  • AMEE: environmental impact calculation API (Use AMEEdiscover to find things)
  • Climate data api: From the  World Bank.  Also there's a competition to create apps for climate (deadline 16th March)
  • NOAA CO-OPS API: current and near-historical observational data on tides and currents along US shores. 


News and commentary




Other collections

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